Gender Male
Mane/Tail Colour Pale Green
Coat Colour Beige
Wing Colour Green/Yellow/Brown
Eye Colour Blue-Green
Moth Species Pergesa Acteus
Friends/Relatives: Actias (sister)

Bell (friend)

Creator: SlimePrincess


Acteus is a leafy moth pony that, like any moth-pony, is drawn to lights and sometimes nibbles on cloth. He has tends to buzz his wings rapidly without thinking about it when excited. He is the brother of Actias but doesn't quite share her passion for music.

Acteus is loyal, family-oriented and enthusiastic over the interests of others even if he doesn't quite understand it. He's a bit absent-minded at times and somewhat aloof and happy-go-lucky in general, and rarely worries about things.

He met Bell shortly after leaving Actias behind in Treble Town. The two ended up buying their own cart to start their own routes through Equestria, though Acteus has never been sure why Bell was so eager to leave his previous caravan.



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