My shitty art.
Gender Female
Mane/Tail Colour Reddish-Orangeish Brown
Coat Colour Pale Tan
Wing Colour Tannish-Brown
Eye Colour Solid Black
Moth Species Emperor Gum Moth
Friends/Relatives: Noctua
Creator: Aloe Anon


Aloe is a Sangoma/Inyanga with largely unknown origins. She's most known for her position as an herbalist. A vagabond of sorts, often out traveling to obtain new or rare plants. She's never seen without her saddle bag; Nopony is quite sure what she actually keeps in that thing though. Tonics and things of that nature probably.

Aloe is a rather friendly mare. She's more than willing to push aside her own activities to help another. It comes with the position really. Outside of help with remedies she also gives great insight. She's a very wise pony partly credited to her frequent travels that give her a unique perspective on life for a moth pony.

She takes great interest in the world. She loves anything to do with history, mythology, and various cultures. This mare always cares about how others look, and how they feel, and absolutely despises anyone and anything that brings harm to the environment.

Despite her nature she's not a very good conversationalist though. When not doing formal business Aloe lacks strong social skills. She's known to open up to Noctua, though... probably due to their mutual interests.

Also, quite the surprising temper for such a helpful and kind mare as well. Not many things can or will set her off but if you do she's a force to be reckoned with. She prefers peace but isn't afraid to get her hooves dirty with some rather nasty concoctions of her own. Her deep rooted connection to the planet because of her shamanistic ways leaves her rather protective of it, so a general disrespect for it as a sure way to get on her bad side.



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