Dawn Gleam
Dawn Gleam
Gender Female
Mane/Tail Colour Brown Orange
Coat Colour Orange sunflower
Wing Colour Yellow with Black dots
Eye Colour Black
Friends/Relatives: None
Creator: Microsoft Official


Dawn Gleam is an enterprising mothmare whom you can find both rising and falling with the sun, one of few moths who is happy to be up well into the daytime, amongst a minority of mothponies who are diurnal. Long before other moths who usually sleep sometime not long after sunrise, she goes to sleep early in the night to get up with the day.

Although she keeps her residence in the village and is there, Dawn Gleam often heads off during the day to meet with business-clients in other villages and towns if they need to consult with her face-to-face.

As a friend, she is more of listener than a long-winded conversationalist, and prefers spending more personal time with others rather than fraternizing in large groups. In general she is a pony of great patience, although this often runs short if she has to deal with children.

Relationship to village Edit

Dawn Gleam runs her own business as both a legal [1] and purchasing [2] [3] consultant, which sometimes requires leaving town several days a week.

Dawn's primary business is as a concierge who assists others in finding different goods and services as appropriate to their needs. She uses her connections to advise clients on where and how to make important purchases or find expertise. Callers range from business-owners to newlyweds, looking for anything from new sign-postage, balloons, and flowers for a grand-opening, to a knowledgeable repair service for broken equipment, to a good place to go off on a honeymoon.

Secondary to her services as concierge, Dawn offers her legal counsel. Although formal lawsuits are quite uncommon, Dawn is a village functionary for settling disputes over contracts and spoken agreements, both within the settlement and at the inter-municipal level, in the (fairly rare) case where city-authorities come into dispute with oneanother. She is also a known-and-trusted neutral 3rd-party who can help settle disputes between groups who are unable to reach compromise without some form of arbitration.



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