Hoof fluff is qt
Gender Female
Age 26
Mane/Tail Colour Chocolate Brown
Coat Colour Light Brown
Wing Colour Brown with White Lines
Eye Colour Bright Yellow Cornea w/ Yellow Sclera
Moth Species White Lined Sphinx Moth
Friends/Relatives: None Yet
Creator: Ultimatum1895





Due to having a problem with her ligaments, she has the consistency of a ragdoll. She's klutzy if she doesn't actively think about every movement she is making, making the simple act of walking for her a game of QWOP for her. Even the act of sitting is difficult for her to pull off. Fortunately for her, her wings and neck aren't affected by this problem for whatever reason. Because of this, she usually flies everywhere she goes, even if it's just a couple of feet. Sometimes, if she gets in to a pattern of motion that she doesn't have to think about too much, she won't stop doing it in fear that she won't be able to do it again.

Her intelligence isn't great, but she isn't a complete idiot. She usually thinks way too fast to fully contemplate her thoughts; however, when she does focus hard enough on things, she can easily grasp concepts and ideas like any other pony would. Since she has to think about nearly every movement she makes, she usually has her sparks of intellect whilst lying down or slumped on a chair.

The reason her name is Lightbulb, is because of her yellow eyes. Some say they light up when she gets a good idea, but that doesn’t actually happen. The reason her CM is a broken lightbulb is, because it represents her failure to actually get her ideas to work, due to her previously mentioned problems. She’s quite friendly when it comes to interacting with others and is always open for a friendly little chat. She’s a motivational speaker; If a pony starts saying they can’t do something, she’ll make sure they find it in themselves to say and believe the opposite.

Due to her attitude and optimistic nature, she's great around little mothfoals. It helped her land the job as a teacher for the mothfoals. She enjoys her job, since it doesn't require her too move too much, and she gets to use her intellect and knowledge to help educate mothfoals for the world and future that lay ahead of them.


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