Shimmer Light
"Time for breakfast"
Gender Female
Mane/Tail Colour Dusty Blue
Coat Colour Pale Blue
Wing Colour Heavenly Blue
Eye Colour Smoke Gray
Friends/Relatives: None
Creator: Breakfast


Shimmer Light is a very blue, very particular, and rather-imperious mothmare who seemingly enjoys only her own company, though it is hinted she may have a slight personal preference for either Meisa or Hexferry.

However, she may come full circle on this later and conclude her life would be better without the two. There was a time at which it appeared she only wished to be alone, and liked only other moths who had the good sense to leave her be.

Following the end of the Breakfast series, it's clear to her that Hexferry has more or less changed her life and outlook on things for the better. Assuming Hexferry is nearby, she can be found socializing with the other Moths in the village in her own way.

She enjoys hot baths, quiet mornings and evenings (and any other time of day that happens to be peaceful), and dislikes cold weather and Anon.



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