This Is Snoot
Gender Female
Age 15
Mane/Tail Colour Burt Orange Mane with Ponytail
Coat Colour Smokey Grey Coat with Dark Grey Fluff
Wing Colour Light Orange Triangular wings with Red-Orange squiggles.
Eye Colour Red compound eyes with Orange pupils.
Moth Species The Snout
Friends/Relatives: Baraburk (Caretaker)
Creator: Woofyhound


Snoot is a fifteen year old moth pony mare. She lives in a cave at the foot hills of Equestria’s Smokey Mountains She’s based off The Snout moth, and interacts with actual snout moths quite often. Though she may be a moth pony, and is around other actual moths, she rarely ever comes into contact with any other moth ponies (Actias was the first moth pony Snoot ever met, and she was fourteen when this happened). She hasn’t come in to contact with many other ponies through her life, only ones that happened to cross her path.


Most of what she knows came from these ponies she’s came across though her life. Her knowledge on things is limited because of this. She knows a lot about how to identify certain types of fabric, and how to make paper out of items in the forest; however, she has little idea about how to use proper manners, how to read, how to write, how to do multiplication, or what the concept of consequences and death are.


Due to not knowing a lot about the world, Snoot acts VERY care-free and happy most of the time. It’s difficult to get Snoot mad, and even harder to get her down in the dumps. Snoot always looks for the positive in every situation. She dreams big, and tries to achieve every goal she sets out for herself. On the flip side, Snoot can be rather rude when she doesn’t intended it to be. Snoot doesn’t just not know how to act like a proper mare. In many cases, Snoot doesn’t even know how to act like a proper moth pony.


There are some things she knows naturally such as: what types of foods she desires (These being the natural diet of a Snout moth such as: Hops, Urtica, Ground-Elder, and Stachys), avoid looking at bright things, how to fly, etc.. There are, however, many things she has no idea about. Though she avoids looking at the sun, she still goes out during the day instead of at night. She took a racist comment toward her from a pony who crossed her path literally, and has also developed a taste for cotton, silk, milkweed, and denim (These being mostly the diets of various other types of bugs) on top of her natural diet. She squeaks like any other moth would, but not when she is angry (Or all the time like Squeak does). Instead, Snoot squeaks when she is depressed, saddened, or hurt. Due to her attitude toward life though, she isn’t what you would call a squeaker.


Snoot wasn’t raised by her parents. She, and as well as a bunch of other moth pony-larvae-foal-things, were brought in to the world, and then immediately abandoned by their parents. This was to ensure that only the strongest survived. In this case though, it was the luckiest that survived, since everyone, apart from Snoot, were eaten by a passing Gryphon a day after they were hatched (The Gryphon was full from the other grubs, and couldn't eat Snoot). Snoot lived life on the edge for the longest time, until she came across a cave at the top of a hill. She took refuge in that cave, and it’s been her home ever since. Through the years, she, along with the ponies that happened to come her way, taught her about how to survive in the world. She didn’t speak her first word until she was six because of this, hence why at fifteen, her language is still quite juvenile.

Interest in Paper AirplanesEdit

It wasn’t until she was nine did she get her first hobby. The same pony that taught her how to make paper from things in the forest also taught her how to make paper airplanes. It was the first entertaining thing Snoot ever learned about. Ever since then, Snoot has been obsessed with making paper airplanes. When she isn’t trying to survive, she’s making and designing new paper airplanes to play with, and put up on display in her cave. One of her goals in life is to build a giant paper airplane she can sit on, and fly across the mountains without getting tired. She did actually achieve this somewhat, and ended up making a giant makeshift hang-glider out of homemade paper, twigs, and scavenged scotch tape. She loves them so much that she wears a stick on tattoo of a paper airplane on her flank to demonstrate how much she loves them. She has an entire box full of them.

How she acquires non-natural items.Edit

Many of the knickknacks and common household things Snoot has in her cave (which isn’t a lot mind you) was acquired from digging through the trash littered in certain parts of the forest and passer-by’s who sympathized with her situation. She has a pillow and blanket, but no bed. She has a table, but no chair. She has a fake, plastic flower, but no fake, plastic fruit to put by it. She does have all the supplies in the world to make paper airplanes with, since she talks about it a lot with ponies she comes across. She also has a bag full of counterfeit bits since a pony trying to get rid of them convinced the gullible Snoot that they were a bag of good luck charms.

How Snoot Works during the diurnal hoursEdit

Though most mothponies may like dark enviroments, Since Snoot doesn’t have a normal sleep pattern, and usually finds herself awake during daylight or nightlight hours, she has been able to adjust to both high light and low light conditions. She prefers day light conditions, however, because it’s usually safer to go out in to the forest during those hours. She still is attracted to large sources of lights like many moths are, so during sunny days, she makes it a habit to not look at the sun. The entrance of her cave is positioned toward the West, so the sun still may find a way in to her cave. She does have makeshift blinds she had made for just such an occasion, and that is what keeps her from staring into the sun in the dusk hours.

Her tongues, and their usesEdit

Snoot has two tongues, each serve their own purposes when alone, and a couple purposes when combined. Her long tongue, (the moth tongue) is for drinking, and is stored right behind her short tongue when not in use. She can’t taste with it though, and it really doesn’t do anything for speech whatsoever. It’s highly adhesive, and is quite opposable, almost like a long, wet, squishy thumb. The short tongue (her pony tongue) is her primary tongue. It’s like any other tongue, really, just a inch or two longer than an average tongue. She uses it for pronunciation of words, tasting, licking, sticking out at things she doesn’t like, etc.. When both tongues are combined, however, they serve a similar purpose to a hand, as their combined purposes can pick up, rotate, and fling objects and projectiles in their grasp. Both of them are very sensitive to touch; the ends of them are about as sensitive as the typical human finger tip. She uses them to her advantage, as she examines things with them. They also work well for cuddling actual moths, and other small critters with. She still hasn’t accidently swallowed any animal yet.




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