Sweet Vermeil
"Welcome to my shop! Healing potions are on discount for travelers!"
Gender Female
Age 23
Mane/Tail Colour Mandy's Pink
Coat Colour Hint of Yellow
Wing Colour Light Brown And Maroon /w Blue and Yellow Designs
Eye Colour Tropical Blue
Moth Species  ??
Friends/Relatives:  ??
Creator: Starkdust


Sweet Vermeil is usually holed up in her shop making potions, medicine, etc to make a living or help ponies in need. If she isn't in her shop she might be traveling around collecting ingredients. Pretty good at cooking stuff and takes her alchemy very seriously, but kinda clumsy at mostly everything else.

As a filly, she learned basic herbalism by helping around the town's greenhouse and medicine from her mother who was a nurse, later in life she began studying from books she buys while traveling. Vermeil still has a lot to learn, you can see her experimenting and blowing up stuff in the back of her shop every now and then.


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